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Expert Guidance

This service is designed to analyze, confront, and solve your engineering needs. I provide customized solutions to all of my clients, and am an extremely results-oriented professional. I will work with you throughout the entire decision-making process and guarantee success. Contact me to find out how I can help today.

Industrial Worker

Construction Supervision

The Path to Success

Managing a construction project in addition to your day job is a daunting task, especially if it is not your specialty.  I have managed dozens of construction projects over the last 30 years and can take that burden off of your plate.  Call me today to find out more.


Owners Rep Services

A Comprehensive Approach

Through decades of developing solutions to tough issues, both inside businesses and as a consultant, I can  become an extension of your staff. Your problems will become my problems.  My solutions, your solutions.

School Blueprint

Project Management

Scope, Schedule, Budget

My clients are my number one priority, and I’ll go the extra mile to make sure they’re completely satisfied with my work. Have a specific project that requires professional attention? My services are designed to tackle even the most complex projects. Contact me today to discover how I can help.


Joe is a pleasure to work with! Joe is authentic, intelligent, professional, and possess the values required to be truly successful in the business. Joe is open and absorbent to new ideas and has the follow through to share information. Joe is a great listener, he understands the big picture, and has the ability to communicate in a manner that keeps projects moving.”

Trachelle Johnson

“Joe is one of the most level-headed and technically competent persons with whom I have ever had the pleasure of collaborating. In observing Joe's management style, I found his sense of fairness and consistent attention to positive employee feedback and recognition refreshing and effective. He knows how "muster the troops" by "speaking softly" - a rare ability for a person in a position of authority. At the same time, his technical experience has made him a valued source of information and direction for individuals in problem-solving positions.”

Steve Hilpert

“We’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Joe on some of the most intricate and challenging projects in the Advanced Industries sector. His professionalism and industry knowledge set him apart from the rest in the owner’s representative business. Joe brings his A game to every project, going above and beyond for his clients. Collaboration in the name of added value is the process he applies to ensure project outcomes exceed expectations.”

Mike Christensen, Senior Project Manager, Howell Construction

“Joe is a seasoned Project Leader who is pragmatic and experienced in helping clients with major investments. On a recent project, Joe consistently demonstrated his ability to not only lead the design of a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant but also cover elements such as site selection, economic incentives, and project funding methods that added real business value to his client. Joe goes beyond just the engineering challenge to provide a comprehensive business solution for his clients.”

Andrew Bade

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